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David Mellor: taking your freediving and spearfishing to the next level.

Your Trusted Professional

Your Trusted Professional

David Mellor

Instructor since 2013

AIDA, RAID, SSI and PADI Certified Instructor

Currently Certifying for AIDA and RAID

Top Level Competitive Freediver

Highly Experienced Spearfisher


UK Champion 2019 – Depth Discipline

UK Champion 2018 – Across 6 Disciplines

UK Team Member 2019

11th Position at World Championships 2019 – No Fins Discipline

3rd Position at Infinity Game 2019 in Cyprus

2nd Position at Dahab Championship 2019

3rd Position at UK Pool Championship 2017 – Across 3 Disciplines



Dave is a very skilled athlete and coach who loves sharing his passion.

He is currently focused on both his career as an athlete and  instructor. He is an amazing inspiration for the younger generations.

It is said that “apnea is 70% in the mind”, that’s where Dave’s mindset excels: he always keeps a positive outlook on life, likes to have a good laugh and view things simply.

Dave’s careful words and joyful presence always make a difference to the customers he is coaching and teams he is part of.


AIDA – 2 and 3 star freediving courses

RAID – freediver and advanced freediver courses

Spearfishing Courses – boat and shore dives


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